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Tipper Hire

We have a fleet of steel bodied 8-wheel tippers fitted with on board weighing equipment to ensure the customer that maximum pay load is achieved on every load. With steel bodies we can move demolition waste, soils and over-sized hardcore while providing an excellent, all purpose earth moving lorry. We can undertake the work on a contract basis, haulage and disposal, haulage, or on an hourly priced basis.


For work that potentially requires a waiting time on site between loads, we can offer a day work service where the lorry is paid for by the hour.

Safe removal of any hazardous waste

We offer the safe removal of any hazardous waste

Waste is hazardous when it contains substances or has properties that might make it harmful to human health or the environment.The term ‘hazardous’ does not always mean that such waste is immediately toxic, though some can be. By improving the way in which we manage all waste classified as hazardous we reduce the risk they might pose now and in the future.

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Daily Scrap Metal Prices

Dry Bright Wire £3,766.00
Clean New Copper Tube £3,625.00
Heavy Copper (98%) £3,458.00
Braziery Copper £3,083.00
Mixed Heavy Brass (Free From Steel Plastic) £2,308.00
Loose Alloy £450.00
Cast Aluminium £729.00
Irony Aluminium £175.00
Clean HE9 £795.00
Litho Plates £831.00
Aluminium Wheels £700.00
Aluminium / Copper Radiators (Clean & Loose) £1,750.00
Aluminium Radiators (Clean & Loose) £425.00
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel 18/8 (Under 5ft) £795.00
Stainless Steel 316 (Under 5ft) £795.00
Soft Lead £840.00
Lead Acid Batteries (Free From Steel) £390.00
Aluminium Armoured Cable £160.00
Copper Armoured Cable £150.00 30%Copper
Household Cable (Free From Excess Ends) £1,416.00
Electric Motors £490.00
Catalytic Converters
Small Catalytic Converters £POA
Medium Catalytic Converters £POA
Large Catalytic Converters £POA


Light Iron £145.00
O/S Shearing £165.00
O/S Constructional £180.00
Mixed Cast Iron £135.00
End Of Life Vehicles £125.00